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Report your payroll via pickup, phone, fax or internet. Chedda will perform the rest making your payroll process easier than you ever imagined.


Payroll Preview & Reporting

Preview payroll and results before processing to reduce errors. Integration with QuickBooks.


Pay Checks

Deliver signed and sealed with advance fraud protection.


Direct Deposit

The quickest way to pay your employees anywhere as it’s automatically deposited to employee’s bank account.


Employee Pay Card

Pay employees electronically anywhere on reloadable prepaid debit card.


Federal and State Taxes

We’ll calculate, deposit file and reconcile your payroll taxes and respond to inquiries from tax taxing agencies regarding the returns filed for you.


State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

Automatically filed and deposited.


Garnishment Payment Service

A cost-effective solution to manage your wage garnishments.


New Hire Reporting

New hire reporting helps you stay complaint with state regulations and eliminate penalties.


Worker’s Compensation

Pay-by-pay, eliminating large, upfront premiums.


Prepare all W-2’s

Deliver to client and file with the Social Security Administrations.


Prepare 1099

File forms (vendor and employer copies).


Union Contracts

Pay fringes and dues by agreement requirements.


Certified Payroll Reports

Davis - Bacon and State Prevailing - electronically submit Maryland certified to prevailing wage unit.


Client LogIn Portal

View, access, export and print to over 15 reports.


Employee-Contractor Login Portal

Online access to statements, W-2's and 1099's.

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Bonus! HR Solutions

Chedda Payroll can also help with the following Human Resources hang-ups:



At Chedda Payroll, we understand the challenge business owners face as they cope with the ever-changing rules and methods of processing payroll, dealing with benefits and filing taxes. As a full-service, one-stop shop with over 20 years of accounting experience, we can pay your employees, file all required government forms, and report and pay your taxes promptly and on time. We also offer HR solutions to fit your business needs.

Chedda is a friendly, trusted company that offers many payroll solutions and personalized services to businesses nationwide, as well as in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

We are highly knowledgeable with Construction Contractors.  Federal Davis Bacon Act, State Prevailing Wage, Union Agreements, Apprenticeship Programs and the multitude of rules and regulations.  We know the difference between paying contractual and non-contractual employees. Chedda Payroll is a Maryland MDOT Certified MBE/DBE/SBE woman owned Small Business.

With us, there’s no need to buy any complicated payroll software or equipment - we’ll do it all for you.   We pride ourselves in offering diversified payroll services. Chedda ensures a payroll that is easy, accurate and affordable. A great alternative for businesses preparing payroll internally or using outside bookkeepers and accountants, you will find that by hiring us you’ll save substantially on your processing fees while eliminating your risk of compliance-related issues and penalties.

54e366d98296fe81716c0f97_nacpb_certification_bookkeeper-gray.pngMaryland MDOT Certified MBE/DBE/SBE woman owned Small Business54e366ee8296fe81716c0f9a_pba-logo-gray.png
We’re fast, reliable and ready to get to work for you. Give us a call today to get started – we’d love to hear from you!
“I started my Construction Company this year. Chedda Payroll is a very big part of the success of my business. We work in multiple states and Chedda set up all our withholding tax accounts and unemployment accounts. I turn in my timecards on Monday and my pay checks are delivered on Tuesday for Friday payday. Plus, I don’t worry about my taxes; all my taxes are deposited and filed on time. Chedda is friendly, always answers our calls and responds immediately to any issues or questions. Thank You.”
- Washington, DC
“Chedda has been so helpful to me and my Company. They filed prior quarter taxes and got me and my company back on track. Now they keep me on track. Chedda understood my issues and was only concerned for me and my Company.”
- Woodbridge, VA
“I was doing my own payroll on line and I had all my tax filings and payments incorrect. I now have Chedda Payroll Services. They helped me get my tax filings correct and now, Chedda takes care of everything. I don’t spend any time on payroll. Chedda does it all for me. And Chedda Payroll Services cost me less than what I was paying to do my own payroll on line.”
- Severna Park, MD
“I opened my own Gas Station and was overwhelmed getting started. Chedda Payroll stopped one day for gas and left me a business card. What a big load off me! Chedda takes care of all my new hiring, payroll and taxes. I feel like I have my own payroll/HR administrator. I see Chedda every week when they deliver my pay checks personally and fill up for gas.”
- Pasadena, MD

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